Tanzania Safari

Why go on a Tanzania Safari ?

Tanzania has everything you would want from a real Africa journey.  The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro are probably the wildlife parks with the most abundant amount of animals you can get in the whole of Africa and next to that you can see or climb the unbelievable mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, which is on the bucket list of every adventurer, to end on a private white beach under a palm tree somewhere in the Zanzibar Archipelago. That is what you can expect from your Tanzania Luxury Safari. Sounds Good ? Contact us now!

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Mount Kilimanjaro - See it or Climb it on your Tanzania Luxury Safari

Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro

With its 5895 m this is the highest mountain in Africa! Its name comes from the Swahili word Kilima which means hill and Njaro which means white or shining. Climbing this impressive shaped mountain is a challenge the can be taken without a great deal of know-how as there are a number of routes available in different levels of difficulty.  When booking with Atelier Africa, we will take care of all the necessities, accommodation will be in quality tents and our guides are the absolute top! The climb will take about seven days to complete. Contact us for more info.


Bordering the Maasai Mara of Kenya and the Ngorongoro Park, the Serengeti is home to the world’s richest ecosystem. This is the place where millions of animals start and end their great migration every year. Due to its large popularity, the Serengeti hosts almost one hundred thousand tourist each year, therefore we at Atelier Africa prefer to host our clients in the top of the range Singita Serengeti previously know as the Grumeti Reserves. This less known but expertly run reserve hosts only three amazing camps and one Serengeti House on a domain that is the size of the Maasai Mara! For the ultimate Tanzania Luxury Safari, this is the place to be!

Horse Riding in the Serengeti
Staying at Singita Serengeti is a Tanzania Luxury Safari on its own.
Details of the Private House in the Serengeti
Lion in the Ngorongoro Crater - almost guaranteed during your Tanzania Luxury Safari

Ngorongoro Crater

This is probably the highest requested destination for our luxury safaris and that is completely normal since it is totally unique in the world to descent into an enormous crater that is so fertile it is home to almost thirty-thousand animals.

Zanzibar Archipelago

At only 30 kilometres from the Tanzanian coast and just south of the equator, Zanzibar was once the gateway to Africa for the eastern traders. Your journey to the “Spice Island” generally begins in Zanzibar City which holds a world heritage site unlike any other in the world called Mji Mkongwe or Stone Town. Zanzibar is actually the general name for a whole group of island of which Pemba and Unguja are the largest . It is the perfect escape for lovers of sun, sand and sea with a hint of culture. Here we have some top of the range accommodation in our portfolio, going from beach camps to luxury hotels to eveæn private houses with butler service.

High Quality Private Game Drives in the private reserve part of the Sergenteti


Arusha is at only a few kilometres from the Kilimanjaro International Airport and is the base camp for most Tanzanian Safaris. Located at about 1400 m of the south side of Mount Meru, this small city is the perfect retreat to start or end your safari.

FAQ Tanzania

The average temperature of Tanzania doesn’t go below 20 degrees or higher than 30 throughout the year. The rainy season runs from October to April but as almost everywhere in Africa, these are mostly short rains and they should not stop you from visiting at this time of the year.

We will guide you, we will plan a personal guide or driver for you. Or you can also make use of the many local connection flights available inside Tanzania. so you can hop from one place to the next and we’ll make sure the lodge is expecting you on the other side.

Fly to Dar Es Salam DAR or to Kilimanjaro Airport JRO
You can get here easiest from Europe with British Airways, KLM or Turkish or Ethiopian Airlines.

Our favourites in Tanzania & Zanzibar

Sample Safari to Tanzania.

Check-out our 10 Day Sample Safari around the Nothern part of Tanzania.

This great guided safari combines a trip to the Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, and the Ngorongoro Crater, but also a couple of days into the Serengeti!

From there you can continue to the Zanzibar Archipel or head back home if beautiful tropical beaches are not your thing.

Sample Safari Tanzania