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Republic Congo Safari

Perched on the equator in Central Africa lies the Republic Congo, lso knows as Congo-Brazzaville, not to be confused with the much larger neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here lies a world like no other, where all the beauty of Africa meets to create a unique landscape that is home to a stunning range of flora and fauna.

Until gaining its independence in August 1960, Congo-Brazzaville was under French colonial rule, the evidence of which still lingers in some of its architecture. The country is rich in oil, which has long been its primary source of industry and revenue.

However, the eco-tourism industry has been growing in recent times, with the support of the Congolese community. Far more valuable than oil is Congo-Brazzaville’s extraordinary natural riches.

These include the world’s second largest rainforest, herds of rare forest elephants, the precious western lowland gorillas, a number of unique antelope and primate species, and a magnificent range of vegetation. The preservation of these resources is essential to the survival of the local communities, ecosystems and the world at large. Congo-Brazzaville has, therefore, become a focal point of conservation efforts.

Republic Congo Safari
Republic Congo Safari

Odzala National Park

In the north-west of the Republic Congo Brazzaville is the Odzala National Park. This park is one of the oldest in Africa, recognised by the government in 1935.

The park is under the combined management of Sabine Plattner African Charities (SACP) and the Congo Conservation Company (CCC). The park spans approximately 13 500 square kilometres and encompasses the all-important Congo Basin.

This is the sedimentary drainage basin of the great Congo River, one of the largest rivers in Africa, second only to the Nile. The rainforest of the Congo Basin is said to be one of the earth’s two lungs, a counterpart to the Amazon Rainforest. The forest acts as a massive carbon sink, storing carbon dioxide in its vegetation and soil. It is thus an absolutely vital part of the earth’s survival. As well as being a source of life and growth, the Congo Basin is home to a wide range of wildlife. It boasts approximately 100 mammal species (including 11 different primate species), 700 fish species and 1000 bird species. Many of the animals found in the Basin are endangered, such as the African forest elephants and the bongo antelope.

Especially important is the area’s population of the precious western lowland gorillas, which are being further monitored thanks to recently established research facilities in the park. The SACP and the CCC are working to preserve the area, which has long been threatened by forestry and mining industries, and well as poaching and climate change.

Congo Conservation Company

The CCC strongly believes in the empowerment and education of local communities. A number of programmes are in place to assist children, youth and adults in learning the necessary skills to best benefit from the available resources. Education focuses on traditional curricula as well as practical skills such as agriculture. Long-term employment opportunities are available, allowing locals to earn a sustainable income for their families. The communities depend on their environment for survival, so it is vital that they are educated on how best to utilise and preserve it.

Odzala Discovery Camps

Historically, the Odzala-Kokoua National Park has had incredibly limited tourism opportunities, however, it is believed that the growth of eco-tourism will benefit not only the Congolese economy but conservation efforts at large. Therefore, the SACP and the CCC have been working together to provide the incredible chance to explore this stunning area through the Odzala Discovery Camps. There are three camps in total, each situated in a unique area of the park and offering experiences unique to their region. A number of tourists packages are available, including a breath-taking 10-day itinerary which spans all three Odzala camps and offers an unforgettable experience.

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FAQ on Republic Congo (Brazzaville)

The best time is all year round. As the Republic Congo is located on the equator the temperatures are always enjoyable. June to September, and December to February are the more dry months. Then the air can be a bit hazy and it will be less humid, but it could still rain. When it rains you always get nice periods of clear blue skies and warmer light for photography!

We will guide you, we will plan a personal guide or driver for you. Travelling with our transport options is great  and we take care of all connections between Brazzaville to the camps and back.

Fly from Paris with Air France directly to Brazzaville

Yes, you will need a visa to visit Congo. We will provide you with a letter of invitation, which you will to present to the Embassy of the Repbulic Congo nearest to you, or to the immigration authorities on arrival in Brazzaville. We advise you get your visa ahead of travelling; nevertheless, Visas on Arrival can be issued at the airport our clients given advance notice.

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