Kenya Safari

Start with Nairobi

This colourful capital is a metropolis of museums and malls interspersed with market stalls, galleries and game reserves.

A day in the city is really no wasted time, there is so much to do and so much to see. In the suburb Karen you can discover the origin of the Out of Africa book/movie.

Nairobi also offers some absolute unique locations to take a breather after your Kenyan safari and spend the night before flying out.

Kenya Luxury Safari - Nairobi
Giraffe Manor, part of your Kenya luxury safari
Cottars Camp - Kenya - Maasai Walk
Kenya Luxury Safari - The Great Migration

Maasai Mara and the Great Migration

The Maasai Mara, also known as the spotted plains, are abundant with wildlife especially during the world renowned “Great-Migration“.

From July all the way through to October, millions of wildebeest and zebra travel from the Tanzanian Serengeti over the Kenyan Maasai Mara where they have to cross the Mara River and then return back to Tanzania. This enormous spectacle attracts ofcourse many tourist from around the world and it can get a bit busy at this time of the year. Luckily the Mara area stays full of life even after the Migration and it absolutely worth a visit at any time of year!

Kilima Camp 

When visiting the Mara Triangle in Kenya, to spot the Great Migration or any other time of the year, Kilima Camp is probably the best choice for your accommodation! The camp consists of twelve stylish tents, complete with their very own verandas and en-suite bathrooms. There is a large tent that serves as a central meeting point where guests gather together to enjoy a nice dinner, have a drink, chat with the other guests, play board games, plunge into literature about Kenya and Africa, or to sit back and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Amboseli Park

With the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop this National Park filled with elephants is a must-do on your Kenya Luxury Safari. Because of its location at the foot of the Kilimanjaro it has some interesting volcanic spot and receives fresh water from the ice melting on top of Africa’s tallest mountain.

Tawi Lodge

Tawi Lodge is ideally located in a private conservancy, bordering Amboseli National Park and facing the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro. This boutique lodge is perfectly integrated with the environment and consists of twelve private cottages with traditional thatch roofs offering spacious and comfortable rooms.

Tawi Lodge Kenya Safari at Amboseli - Kilimanjaro
Tawi Kenya Amboseli Lodge luxury safari
Kenya Safari Lamu Town

Lamu Archipelago

This collection of islands lies just south of the equator with Lamu, Pate and Manda as its biggest Islands. Lamu is Kenya’s oldest town and the whole town/island is filled with traces of that amazing history. The accommodations we have available here are real stunning and old-style Lamu houses with top service. Lamu Town was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Msambweni Beach House

Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is in a quiet, unique setting on a stretch of completely unspoiled sandy beach surrounded by 28 acres of natural land.

The property has 700 feet of private beach along a four mile stretch of coastline with palm trees offering peace and tranquility where guests can really be at one with nature while enjoying a luxurious, yet discreet, stay with attentive service in beautiful surroundings.

Dining at Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is a pure delight. Our kitchen staff are thoroughly trained by a celebrity Belgian chef. Enjoy seafood, Swahili dishes, Belgian and French cuisine. For us a “must-stay-at” during your Kenya Safari

Sounds like a good idea ? Contact us and make the first step of on unforgettable journey! 

Kenyan Beaches

What  is better than to end an active and adventurous safari with a few day on beautiful beach in complete calm and luxury. One could travel to Zanzibar to do this but that is not needed. Kenya has some amazingly beautiful private beaches and Atelier Africa made the right selection of only the top range for you. So no need to travel far, stay in Kenya, a short trip and you are out of the bush and under a palm tree.

Luxury beach lodge private Villas Msambweni Beach House
Kenya Luxury Safari - Maasai Mara - Leopard
Walking with the Maasai

Tsavo East & Tsavo West

The two Tsavo National Parks form the largest national park in Kenya. Tsavo East is known for its huge wealth of animal. Besides the famous “red elephants” there is also a good number of lion prides, probably descending from the famous “Tsavo Maneaters”, pictured in the movie “The Ghost and the Darkness”. At the turn of the 20th century during the railway construction from Mombasa to Uganda they terrorized the railway workers. Tsavo West impresses with its multiple landscapes. Savannah with impressive acacia trees, black jagged volcanic erosions and the evergreen surroundings of Mzima Springs, the well that supplies the entire city Mombasa with water. Tsavo offers a fair chance to see the “Big Five” in a single day.

Hells Gate National Park

Near the small town of Naivasha, known for its flowers and especially rose industry, lies Hells Gate National Park. Even getting to the access road to the park feels like a safari by itself. A fantastic landscape of rolling hills with majestic candelabra euphorbias, spotted with giraffes, zebras and antelopes on both sides of the road. In and around the lake linger thousands of pink flamingos and some lazy hippos. Since there are no dangerous animals in Hells Gate, it is possible to reach the park entrance on foot or by bicycle. Guaranteed, that some buffalos, zebras, various gazelle and antelope species as well as some of the more than 100 bird species cross your way. The descent into the actual gorge leads past fantastically colored sandstone formations and hot springs.

Enasoit Private Luxury Camp Lodge Kenya

Nakuru National Park

Amid the Kenya Great Rift Valley is the town of Nakuru with its salt water lake, known for its myriads of pink flamingo flocks which bathe the shores in rich pink, spotted with some white pelicans. After all, Nakuru National Park has much more to offer. The Rhino Sanctuary is home to Black and White Rhinos, both of them threatened with extinction: Black and white Colobus Monkeys inhabit the trees in search of leaves, Baboon families playing on the green meadows and rare Rothschild Giraffes towering skywards. Waterfalls, cliffs, forests and scrubland make Nakuru National Park one of the most diverse parks in Kenya.

Lake Turkana & Sibiloi NP

Lake Turkana, also known as Jade Sea, in northern Kenya near the Ethiopian border is the largest desert lake in the world. The bright green lake, declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1997, lies like a precious stone embedded in fascinating moon-like volcanic landscape in all hues of red and black. Some of the volcanoes are still active.

Near the lake are some very important archaeological sites with some of the oldest human remains, among them the 2.5 million-year-old Homo Rudolfensis and two extinct species of primates, dating back 17 million years.

The Sibiloi National Park offers large groups of Nile Crocodiles, gazelles and giraffes as well as the rare Grevy Zebras. About 60 species of fish, including heavy weight Nile Perches of over 100-kg live inside the lake.

Lake Turkana - Tailor Made Safari Kenya
Kenya Tailor Made Safari Laikipia Wilderness Camp

Laikipia Plateau

One of the most exclusive safari destinations in Kenya and home to the Samburu, a colorful tribe, closely related to the famous Maasai warrios. At the Morani Information Centre you can learn more their history and culture. Since the Laikipia Plateau is malaria-free, it has always been a popular farm  for white settlers in Kenya. The landscape consists of a mixture of farmland and wildlife sanctuaries. Many of the settlers have turned their homes into luxurious accommodation, from where you can easily explore the enormous wildlife diversity of the area. Laikipia is home to the last Kenyan wild dogs, but also of rhinos and Grevy Zebras. The Ol Pejeta’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary with it two large enclosures, has rescued a number of chimpanzees with a cruel history from all over Africa.

Shimba Hills National Reserve

Near Diani Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Africa, is a game reserve, which may not offer as many animals as other Kenyan parks, but is landscape wise one of the most beautiful areas on the Kenyan coast and is definitely worth a day trip. Rolling hills, covered with pristine coastal forest alternate with waterfalls and green meadows with some roaming giraffes, elephants and antelopes. Ornithologists delight in rare birds such as the Red Zanzibar Bishop. The most interesting inhabitants of this reserve are the last, highly endangered black Sable Antelopes with their impressive more than one-meter long horns

Elephants in the Maasai Mara

Aberdare National Park

The picturesque forest with deep ravines, open moors, numerous streams, waterfalls and impressive trees is home to some extremely rare animals. Giant Forest- and Bush Pig, Bongo Antelope, Golden Cats, African Wild Cats, Civets and Serval Cats, and even Black Panthers, as well as 250 bird species inhabit this diversified region. In 1952 Elizabeth I, then still Princess visited the famous Treetops Hotel in the Aberdares where she learned about her father’s death, which led to her coronation.

Kisite Mapunguti Marine National Park

At the southern end of Kenya, near the Tanzanian border is Kenya’s probably most amazing underwater park. The underwater adventure starts in Shimoni, a small fishing village opposite the island of Wasini. Sailing or motor dhows bring you to an unrivaled coral reef. Along the way you will encounter some of the about 70 dolphins, resident in the neighborhood, who enjoy to give the visitors a show. Clapping your hands seems to motivate them even more into increasing their leaps, twists and turns. Swimming with dolphins is prohibited. They are wild animals, and that’s what they should be. The coral reef awaits enthusiastic snorkelers and divers with 250 fish species, several different turtles, seasonal humpback whales on their annual journey and over 50 different coral species. Before returning to the mainland the tour stops for a delicious meal at Wasini island which also offers a fascinating coral path, maintained by the Wasini women’s group. A boardwalk leads past bizarre coral formations to a pristine mangrove forest.

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Tusitiri Private Dhow Boat in Lamu, Kenya
Maasai Mara Tented Kilima Camp

FAQ Kenya

A lot of websites will say June to October is dry season and the best time to visit Kenya, but actually wildlife spotting in fantastic year-round in Kenya.

Not all roads in Kenya are in great condition. So we usually suggest to do a Fly-in Safari around Kenya.
Most of the national parks in Kenya are very will connected by air, with daily flight or even multiple flights per day.

Kenya Airways, KLM, British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines offer great connections on a daily basis between Nairobi, Mombasa and the rest of the world.

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