Wolwedans Dunes Lodge & Private Camp

The most magnificent corner in the worlds’ oldest desert

Wolwedans Dunes Camp by night
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge by night

Wolwedans & NamibRand Reserve

Wolwedans is one of those places in Namibia that is difficult to categorise for us. Wolwedans is not just a collection of lodges in the area of the Namib Desert. It is much more than that, it is a destination on its own.

The Wolwedans collection of camps is located inside the NamibRand Reserve.  It is a privately owned and managed reserve inside the oldest desert of the world, the Namib Desert. What used to be thirteen different farms is now one group of more than 200,000 ha of rehabilitated land without any fences or borders, allowing the wildlife to roam unhindered in their natural habitat.  The NamibRand Reserve is bordering the Namib Naukluft National Park and is home to the Wolwedans Lodges and Camps.

The NamibRand Reserve has been officially named an International Dark Sky reserve as there is no light pollution on the complete Reserve, this is now officially one of the best places in the world to spot the stars, planets and milky way.

Dunes Lodge

The collection of lodges and camps inside Wolwedans is vast but our heart goes out to the Dunes Lodge at Wolwedans.

Dunes Lodge is located right on top of a large dune belt and offers panoramic views that are truly stunning in every direction you can look.

These fantastic panoramic views were certainly kept in mind when this lodge was constructed as every single wall of the room can be rolled up so your room offers a 360-degree view from the comfort of your bed. Sleeping with all the canvas wall open feels just like you would be sleeping underneath the stars.

The Wolwedans Dunes Lodge only holds nine rooms, so this is a beautiful small camp where you can really enjoy the sound of silence and take in the magnificent views in all privacy.  Each of the rooms has its own verandah that reaches out to the bright orange sand dunes.

Another great aspect that makes use of the stunning views from the rooms are the bathrooms, where you will find no mirror above the sink. We must admit, it is much better to look out into the Namib Desert when you just woke up than having to look at your own sleepy head. 

The complete Dunes lodge and all other camps inside Wolwedans are eco-friendly, they all run on solar power and solar heated water. The camps inside Wolwedans are constructed on top of wooden stills so one could pull them out of the ground and you would never notice anything was there before.

Next to the stunning landscapes and the great architecture of Wolwedans, one must not forget that the ticking heart of this magnificent place is its staff. The team that runs Wolwedans does a fantastic job at making you feel right at home all the time.  The service includes a nice flask of hot tea or coffee at your doorstep in the morning and the perfectly chilled Gin & Tonic in your hand when the sun sets.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at your convenience and have been prepared by some very talented chefs. Wolwedans is one of the founders of the NICE Namibian Institute for Culinary Education and has been training chefs in the capital of Namibia for many years.

Wolwedans Desert Sunset
Wolwedans Dunes Camp View from the window
Wolwedans Dunes Camp Lodge Room

Wolwedans Reserve Namibia 4x4 Drive
Wolwedans Dunes Camp Luxury on Stilz

Private Camp, your own home away from home.

We said Dunes lodge is one of our favourite camps at Wolwedans but when you are travelling in a small group of friends or family or you have that extra bit to spare we must suggest you stay at the Private Camp in Wolwedans. This is simply Wolwedans at its best.

The Wolwedans Private Camp is located in its own quiet valley of dunes, surrounded by nothing and nobody else but nature. This really is a magnificent place to stay.

Many of our clients have come back and said that the Private Camp was the highlight of their tour in Namibia.

The Private camp is one house, one home away from home, it has a small pool, a large deck and its own kitchen. The camp comes with its own chef and its own rangers who will assist you with all your needs. Right next to the Private Camp is a popular waterhole that attracts plenty of wildlife like zebra, oryx and springbok throughout the day.

Inside the Wolwedans Private Camp are 3 luxuriously designed en-suite bedrooms.  This private camp was clearly designed for those that want to get away from it all and really enjoy the peace that utter silence can offer.

Activities at Wolwedans exist mainly out scenic drives on the magnificent reserve, but we also suggest you take the opportunity to go hot air ballooning in the area.

Wolwedans is not ideally located to visit the Sossusvlei and Deadvlei but it is possible to combine it in your itinerary.
We must suggest that you stay at least 2 nights at Wolwedans during your visit to Namibia.