An Unforgettable Stay in the Okavango Delta

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Why Visit the Okavango Delta?

A unique wetland in northern Botswana, the Okavango Delta is a lush oasis formed where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough in the middle of the Kalahari desert. Its beauty and teeming wildlife have earned it the honour of being named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The permanent marshlands and seasonally flooded plains of the Okavango Delta are home to some of Africa’s most iconic and endangered species, including cheetah, lion, rhino and wild dog. In an awe-inspiring dance between climate, hydrology and biology, the native plants and animals have synchronized their cycles with the annual flooding from the Okavango River, which takes place during the otherwise dry season.

The lush vegetation and rich wildlife of the unique eco-system of the Okavango Delta make it a bucket-list wilderness destination, and certainly one of Botswana’s finest offerings.

Where to Stay in the Okavango Delta?

Set in the midst of an Okavango floodplain, Wilderness Safaris’ Vumbura Plains boasts magnificent views across the Delta and excellent game viewing all year round. Its two satellite camps are havens of comfort within the untamed landscape, with luxuries the likes of contemporary rooms with unique design elements, indoor and outdoor showers, en-suite bathrooms, private plunge pools, lounge areas with iconic views of the floodplains, and special decks for unsurpassed wildlife viewing or a spa safari indulgence.

What to do at Vumbura Plains?

Vumbura’s prime location means that visitors have the chance to spot just about any of the iconic species found in the Okavango. In fact, the Vumbura team takes the game-viewing experience so seriously that guests can safari on land, on water, on foot and even in the air. 

While intimate morning and afternoon game drives are a highlight in the daily Vumbura routine, adventurous guests can opt for a night drive, spotting nocturnal animals and enjoying the sights and sounds of the bush after dark. It’s recommended that you mix your game drives up with wildlife-viewing excursions on a traditional mokoro (type of canoe). Aside from the deeply relaxing experience of floating through the delta, this also allows for the opportunity to spot some of the region’s smaller but no less spectacular creatures, including colourful frogs and striking waterbirds. Vumbura also has two boats for those wanting to explore the area more extensively by water. Last but by no means least, a traditional nature walk can be a wonderfully mindful and personal way of enjoying the smaller surprises that may pass you by when travelling by any other means.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, those looking for a truly memorable experience can soar over the Delta in a hot air balloon, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the unique ecosystem and spotting large wildlife from far above.

On the rare occasion when not enjoying some form of spectacular safari experience, Vumbura visitors can enjoy a spot of seasonal catch-and-release fishing, exceptional birding all year long, and immersions in the culture of a traditional Okavango village.

What Are You Waiting For?

From soaking in your private plunge pool overlooking the plains of one of Africa’s greatest wild spaces to soaring through the sky in a hot air balloon and getting up close and personal with endangered wildlife, the possibilities on offer at Vumbura Plains in the Okavango Delta are truly the stuff of dreams.