Tucked away in beautiful south-eastern Zanzibar, Upendo offers an experience of peace, adventure and awakening.

Upendo = LOVE

and that is exactly what this wonderful collection of villas embodies. Born from love, passion and determination, this spectacular destination offers an experience of Zanzibar like no other.

With spectacular accommodation and a vibrant blend of cultures, activities, food and colours on offer, guests will leave Upendo refreshed, renewed and re-awakened.

views of the stunning Michamvi beaches

The lodge offers a number of accommodation options, with villas of varying sizes to cater for any and all guests. Travellers searching for a rustic experience can enjoy the simplicity of either the Zuci or the Kamin room, each crafted from traditional Makuti, on the ground and first floor respectively.

These spacious rooms offer a double bed, en-suite bathroom and views of the stunning Michamvi beaches. For a couple or solo-adventurer seeking more luxury, look no further than one of the one-bedroom villas. Perched right on the beach, guests can enjoy a double bedroom, huge en-suite bathroom with a bath and two shower options, and a private rooftop pool and deck. Larger groups searching for the ultimate experience in luxury can stay either in the Villa Shiva or the Beach House.

The Villa offers three bedrooms – two double rooms and a master suite with its own sculpted plunge tub. Each room includes a dreamy oversized bed, beautiful views and vibrant, unique décor.

The Villa’s main area offers a private deck, large swimming pool, daybeds, swing bed and a modern kitchen and dining space. And, finally, there is the Beach House – the epitome of luxury. This option includes four bedrooms and caters for up to eight people, allowing for a private island getaway. Equipped with a serpentine pool, full staff, upstairs lounge and dining area, private deck and your very own bar, you are sure to enjoy peak relaxation.

Zanzibar Atelier Africa Upendo

Beyond the confines of Upendo awaits the majesty and adventure of Zanzibar

If you can bear to step away from your breath-taking accommodation, Upendo offers guests a world of adventure and new experiences, beginning with the incredible food and drink. Upendo’s kitchen uses only the freshest ingredients to create a variety of Swahili, Indian and international dishes, to be enjoyed with a magnificent cocktail.

Beside the restaurant sits the beautiful lounge area, boasting a large infinity pool and private deck peppered with large, soft day beds. Beyond the confines of Upendo awaits the majesty and adventure of Zanzibar. Enjoy the wildlife on a safari, or explore the sparkling waters in a traditional dhow – or take a closer look at the stunning marine life with a snorkelling or diving adventure.

A number of historical and cultural tours are on offer, including a walk through aromatic spice plantations, a visit to the legendary Stone Town, and a trip to Prison Island, which boasts not only the haunting ruins of prison but a sanctuary for giant sea tortoises.

For an unforgettable experience of world-class luxury, natural beauty, and historical richness, look no further than Upendo.