The Safari Series

The Luxury of Freedom, Privacy and Quiet in Kenya

Close wildlife encounters
Expertly guided game drives

Wilderness, Wildlife and Wonder

Set on the stunning 50,000-acre private conservancy of Lolldaiga Hills, in Northern Kenya, overlooking the slopes of Mt. Kenya, The Safari Series offers guests uninterrupted freedom, views and some of the truest and wildest remote adventures.

Within its vast enclosure, the conservancy holds many different landscapes, such as green outcrops, arid deserts and Kenya’s third biggest cedar forest. Thus, guests can expect to bear witness to a great multitude of animals. From elephants, giraffes and zebras to striped hyena and leopards – the area is brimming with truly individualised wildlife engagement opportunities.

There are a myriad different ways to explore the conservancy, with options to walk, hike, kayak, drive your own vintage car, or be taken on a guided tour and more…

Centralised Canvas Camps

The Safari Series’ canvas camps overlooks a popularly-frequented watering hole in the deep bush, allowing guests to spot game from the comfort of their beds.

The bedroom tents (of which there are five) are all cosy and comfortable, containing quality Kenyan furniture, large luxurious beds, lighting and electricity, en-suite bathrooms and even a hot water bottle for cooler nights.

The Safaris Series is serious about having the lowest possible environmental impact and thus the above features are solar-powered. It is also for this reason that the camp is small, canvas based, and makes use of a grey water system.

Although the main camp is extremely inviting, many guests take wanderlusting to a new level and spend the night sleeping under the stars in the fly camp – situated on top of a rock or next to a sandy river bed.

Camp at Lolldaiga Hills
Camp at Lolldaiga Hills
Dining in the bush
A natural immersion

Flexible Feasts

At meal times, guests can find themselves being served homemade delicious meals in the mess tent. Meals are completely customisable to guests’ tastes, as the dedicated kitchen staff aim to create exciting and innovative dishes, cooked on the charcoal stove in the bush kitchen on site.

In addition, all allergies can be catered for; meal times can be brought forward for younger guests; and all the produce has been sourced from an organic veggie farmer from the village next door.

With a fresh loaf of bread to have at breakfast or lemon drizzle cake for tea – culinary dreams really do come true in Lolldaiga Hills.

Dining Mess Camp

Take the Reins of Your Safari

Take a hold of the wheel during your safari at The Safari Series, and drive, walk, hike, and kayak all over the conservatory – where you want, when you want, to see what you want.

Guests are encouraged to live out their safari dreams in many different ways and actively pilot their journeys – so that when they do discover a dazzle of zebra they will feel the complete satisfaction of finding wildlife in the wilderness.

This philosophy of active safari participation has the added benefits of allowing guests to get quiet within themselves during the search – to become reflective and contemplative, and find a greater sense of peace.

Should you not want to spearhead your journey, The Safari Series guides – professional drivers, excellent spotters and local knowledge aficionados, James and Elijah – are happy to take the reins and help you spot the bountiful game, including the big and small five, and unique flora in the area from the open-sided, custom-built original safari vehicles: the Series I, Series II & Series III Land Rovers.

Expansive open plains
The Safari Series Land Rovers

“Slow down. Sit down. Stop for a minute. And enjoy. Being in nature is the best medicine.”

Lolldaiga Hills
Lolldaiga Hills Bathroom

Standardising Sustainability

The Safari Series is proud to be a part of The Conscious Travel Foundation, a group in the travel industry that is working to make travel more future-friendly, and aims to enact sustainable change in four distinct areas – human, social, economic and environmental.

The conservancy actively promotes diversity; hires talent from Kenya; markets to locals; starts up conversations about sustainable travel with guests and industry leaders; works towards a carbon-positive camp; plants trees; uses eco-friendly products; makes use of solar power, grey water systems, and a bio-digester; uplifts their staff with training; minimises water wastage; reduces, reuses and recycles; limits economic leakage; serves vegetarian meals and more.

Learn From the Maasai Elders

A unique and special offering, the relationship The Safari Series has with the community on their northern border, called Mukurian Ranch, allows guests to immerse themselves in the Kenyan culture.

Led by Elijah, guide, community officer and the Mukurian Ranch’s Youth Representative, guests usually spend between 2 to 3 hours interacting with the community.

This is often a reciprocal learning experience, as discussions are had in a judgement-free environment, leaving guests with a change in outlook, feeling empowered and having discovered that they are not so different from those in the tribe.

African hospitality
Local community visits
The Safari Series Family
The Safari Series Family

Your Hosts – Ed, Moon and Romilly Hough

Last, but certainly not least, The Safari Series is an owner-managed private reserve. This means that guests are able to interact with Moon and Ed who have a great passion for the safari industry; have many years of experience, and who have lived in Kenya for 11 years, crafting their lives, their family and careers miles away from their origins in the United Kingdom.

From their wholesome and relaxed home amongst the bushes, guests can enjoy reconnecting with nature and creating memorable moments with their families.