Tawi Lodge

Where elephants roam at the foot of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tawi Kenya Amboseli Lodge luxury safari
Tawi Kenya Amboseli Lodge luxury safari

38 km from the top of Kilimanjaro

This sublime and small lodge is located by the base of the Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa with a height of 5963 meters, and at the edge of the Amboseli Park that has a unique ecosystem due to its position in between the Kilimanjaro and the dry plains. The Tawi Lodge is close by to a swamp that is created by the overflow of the pool, this swamp is extremely popular with for example the local elephants, zebras and kudus. Due to the abundant wildlife nearby and the Kilimanjaro as a permanent background, the lodge is the perfect place to make unforgettable photos.

Tawi Lodge is known for its eco-friendly management and tries to preserve the local environment in many different ways, they actually received a golden rating by ECO tourism Kenya. For instance, the entire lodge is powered by solar and wind energy, and they focus on having an as small as possible impact on nature.

Elephants in front of the door.

The Lodge has 13 luxury cottages. Each cottage has a lovely four-poster bed that makes you fall asleep immediately. You can even choose the perfect pillow from their pillow menu. Of course, you can enjoy the amazing sights from the bed, or you can also sit on the wooden deck and lose yourself in the environment. In the en-suite bathroom, you can find all the luxury you will ever need, including a bath and shower, and if gets cold at night, you can just turn on the fireplace.

In addition to the luxury cottages, the Tawi Lodge also has four different lounges that are served by two bars. Just enjoy a wonderful drink, a good book or just look at the animals drinking in the nearby waterhole. If you love amazing food, then you’re lucky. The kitchen team has a group of chefs that were inspired by the European cuisine and who made a Swahili/European fusion kitchen. If you want a four-course dinner or a magnificent breakfast in the bush, everything is possible.

Elephants at Tawi Lodge Kenya
Tawi Lodge - Kenya - Luxury Safari
Tawi Lodge - Kenya - Luxury Safari

Timo Denys soccer with Maasai
Tawi Kenya Amboseli Lodge luxury safari

mingling with the Maasai

There are a lot of options for activities in or around the lodge. Tawi Lodge has her own spa with fire-heated Jacuzzis, a perfect recipe for relaxation, especially with a splash in the pool afterwards. Are you looking for some adventure? Go on a Game Drive with a Maasai guide into the Amboseli Park, discover the nearby wildlife on a nature walk or just ride a camel over the base of the Kilimanjaro.