Strand Hotel – Swakopmund

Namibia’s first hotel that feels like home.

Strand Hotel Swakopmund
Strand Hotel Swakopmund
Strand Hotel Swakopmund

The Strand Hotel in Swakopmund

In October 2015, the brand new Strand Hotel opened its doors at the Mole in Swakopmund. The Mole has always been the vibrant centre of the Namibian coastline and with the new hotel, it will be once again. The Strand Hotel in Swakopmund has really tried (and succeeded) in making its guest feel more at home and not in a hotel.

The way the rooms have been decorated, with small pieces of artwork, or the fact that there is no large check-in reception desk, but rather a cosy check-in lounge where guest can relax upon arrival, all add to this experience.

Next, to that, all three of the brand new restaurants that are hosted inside the hotel cannot be accessed from inside. One actually has to “go out” for dinner. The Strand Hotel is owned by the O&L Leisure Group and thus from the same family as the Namibian breweries that make our famous Windhoek and Tafel Lager.

This legacy is clearly visible in the brand new “Brewer & Butcher” restaurant where the hotel brews its own beer in an in-house micro-brewery and the kitchen serves delicious cuts of the best Namibian meats.

Another one of the three new restaurants in-house is the Ocean Cellar, where the open-plan kitchen is cleverly sunk into the ground. In this way, seated dinners can clearly see how the well-trained sushi chefs prepare their meal.

The last of the three new food experiences created inside the Strand Hotel is the Farmers Market, open for breakfast and lunch.  This wonderful concept also goes far away from the typical hotel breakfast room, but rather feels like a little fresh-produce market where the freshly baked loaves of bread, cheeses and cured meats are not only for sale but also available as part of your breakfast.

All restaurants are open to the public, so it is possible to stay elsewhere in Swakopmund, but after we tried out the new rooms we must admit that it has been a long time since a hotel-rooms has felt so comfortable.