Sorris Sorris Lodge

Desert adapted elephants & Namibia’s highest mountain

Sorris Sorris Sunset

Sorris Sorris is the type of lodge location and feel we believe, should be part of every true African safari.

When you think about Safari it was always just about wildlife and nature.  Slowly that trend is changing and with Africa becoming a more popular destination and our lives become more rushed every day, we feel a safari now should be more than just about nature and wildlife.

Africa is one of those few places on our planet where one can truly break away from it all; experience life at a whole other level. That is what they got right when this lodge at Sorris Sorris was created.

Thanks to its very remote location and the fact that almost all other major Damaraland lodges are located over 100 km north of Sorris Sorris, this place is in a league of its own. With only 9 rooms you can expect the most exquisite personal service. You really get the feeling that all this wide open space is just for you and you alone. There is not one bar of mobile phone reception and not a single wifi network to be found, in other words, it is the perfect place for some E-toxin.

The lodge is so far away from everything and everyone you will not hear any other sound than deafening silence in your ears.

The 9 rooms at Sorris Sorris have carefully been designed with a great eye for detail and plenty touches of exquisite service can be found throughout the rooms.  Accommodation at Sorris Sorris comes fully inclusive and each room offers a mini-bar stocked with ice-cold drinks. Nothing is better than pouring a warm bath, making yourself a Gin & Tonic and enjoying the magnificent views over Damaraland from the privacy of your own room. You feel like the king of the world!

With its position right at the foot of Brandberg and on the Ugab River, Sorris Sorris is perfectly located for exciting activities in the area.
The Ugab River system, while dried-out for most of the year, is the home to three large groups of desert-adapted-elephants. These “Desert Elephants” use the rivers shallow underground water resources to survive in this area.

Next to these majestic animals, the prehistoric rock formations surrounding Sorris Sorris are another major reason you should consider this place as part of your Namibian safari.  Sorris Sorris can be reached by 4×4 or fly-in.  Contact us for more information. 

Sorris Sorris Lodge at Sunrise
Sorris Sorris - Balcony