Singita Pamushana Lodge

Place of Miracles

Singita, in Shangaan, means ‘place of miracles’,

and the Singita Pamushana Lodge is just that.

Located atop a sandstone outcrop in Malilangwe, Zimbabwe, the lodge offers an unparalleled experience for any guest who chooses to visit this magnificent destination. A variety of accommodation options are available, making Pamushana an ideal location for families, friends and couples.

the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

The lodge is situated in the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve and boasts a spectacular view of the Malilangwe Dam. The area is rich in cultural history, and activities include guided tours of the area’s San rock art and opportunities to meet members of the vibrant Shangaan community. Pamushana’s design is directly influenced by the Shangaan people and the beauty of Great Zimbabwe.

The lodge exists not only as a holiday destination, but as a centre for conservation and outreach. It houses a research facility and runs a number of community programmes such as agricultural projects and feeding schemes, making it an invaluable part of life in Malilangwe.

Singita Pamushana Lodge Zimbabwe Luxury Lodge
Singita Pamushana Lodge Zimbabwe Luxury Lodge

Perfect balance

Not to be missed is the spectacular culinary experience offered at Pamushana. The food is a perfect balance of full-bodied and sophisticated. The lodge also offers an extensive collection of unique, high-quality wines that can be enjoyed with a delicious dinner or in a tasting session in their cellar. Pamushana’s local sommeliers will guide you through the experience, ensuring you find the perfect wine to take back home.

As well as world-class wining and dining, the lodge offers an array of luxurious activities to suit every guest. Game drives are offered during the day and in the evening, as well as guided walks to allow you to get in touch with Malilangwe’s flora and fauna. Pamushana also boasts scenic swimming pools, spa treatments, sunset cruises, stargazing and many more experiences that you just can’t miss.