Simien Lodge

A new world above the clouds

Perched in the stunning Simien mountains of Ethiopia, the Simien Lodge will show you a world like no other

The Simien Lodge sits atop the very edge of an escarpment in the Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lodge is situated at 3270m elevation, making it the highest in Africa. Visitors are treated to breath-taking views of the landscape, as well as the opportunity to explore the unique and beautiful world of Ethiopia.

The lodge offers two luxurious accommodation options. Guests can stay in a family room, comprising a master bedroom with a double bed and an en-suite bathroom, as well as a lounge area with two single beds. For smaller groups, guests can enjoy a stay in one of 26 traditional circular tukels.

A tukel has two rooms, with 24 of these having two single beds and two have a double bed. Each room has a bathroom with a shower, with hot water provided by solar power. Both the family rooms and the tukels offer traditional Ethiopian décor and ensure guests will have a comfortable stay even during the night, when temperatures drop dramatically, using fibreglass insulation and underfloor heating.

The highest lodge in Africa

The lodge boasts one of the best kitchens in Ethiopia, providing a variety of international and local cuisine, and catering for the individual dietary needs of guests. Food can be enjoyed in the lodge restaurant, where tables surround a central log fireplace.

One of the excursions on offer at Simien Lodge is taking out the guests for lunch outside on the escarpment. This allows guest to enjoy their food while gazing over the spectacular stunning landscape and observing the unique wildlife. In addition to the restaurant, the lodge offers a cosy bar, offering a variety of drinks including Ethiopian and South African wine and beer. On most evenings the bar hosts vents such as screenings of films about the area’s wildlife.

While guests can expect exceptional comfort and luxury in the lodge itself, adventure is to be found in the mountains of the national park. Trekking through the landscape is a longstanding favourite, with an abundance of possible trips including walking through forests and grasslands, taking trips to nearby mountains, and scaling Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia

Lammergier of Bonecrusher Vulture

Unique Ethiopian wildlife

Along with your journey, you can seek out the unique Ethiopian wildlife, including the very rare Simien wolves, Lammergiers (also known as the bone crushing vultures), hyenas, and the endangered Walia ibex.

But perhaps the most notable species is that of the famed Gelada monkeys, found only in the highlands of Ethiopia. With the right approach, travellers can get within meters of these stunning primates, an experience you will never forget. Guides and scouts are can be hired at the entrance to the National Park, ensuring your trip is safe and unforgettable. Mountain bikes, camping gear and extreme sports equipment are available for rent from the lodge, for those that want to take their adventure to the next level.

With its exquisite location, comfortable accommodation, and endless opportunities for adventure and discovery, there are few destinations that can compete with the Simien Lodge.

Ethiopian Simien Wolf