Sausages Tree Camp & Potato Bush Camp

Lower Zambezi National Park – Zambia

Lower Zambezi Sausage Tree
Lower Zambezi Sausage Tree Camp

Sausage Tree Camp

With only a few lodges in this area, the Lower Zambezi almost always feels like a private concession instead of a national park.

This amazing strip along the mighty Zambezi river is completely free of mass tourism. And right in the middle of the park you will find this stunning Sausage Tree Camp!

Explore the Lower Zambezi in a 4×4 along the river or go on the river in a kayak or motorboot and float between the elephants!

The best pool in Zambia

Sausage Tree Camp is set right along the river and its floodplains.

With island-hopping herds of elephants and buffalo some hundred strong along the rivers edge, the opportunity to get up close and personal with the wildlife a very real possibility.

Go on the afternoon or morning safari cruises, or to be a bit more active, try the Kayaks or the  attempt catching a Tigerfish!!. This enormous fish are relatives of the piranha and can grow up to 15kgs!.

When you get tired from being this active we suggest you simply relax and enjoy the view from (what we believe is) the most amazing pool in Zambia!

Tiger Fish Lower Zambezi Sausage Tree Camp
Lower Zambezi Elephants
Lower Zambezi Sausage Tree Camp

Potato Bush Camp

Potato Bush Camp is located right next to Sausage Tree Camp.

It is a smaller camp, so you can book this place exclusive with the whole family.

Just like at Sausage Tree camp, this camp also offers professionally guided game drives, scenic canoeing and boat trips, educational walking safaris, exciting night drives and, of course, we amazing Tiger Fish Trips!

How you get here? 

There are daily schedule flights between Lusaka and Lower Zambezi, so we can easily combine these places with the other national parks like South Luangwa or with the Victoria Falls!