The African Wilderness Meets Island Luxury

Standing in the waters of Lake Victoria in Southern Tanzania is the expansive Rubondo Island National Park, a destination that will give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Uninhabited by humans

The park is comprised of 10 islands, the largest of which is Rubondo Island spanning a whopping 237km2. This area is uninhabited by humans, except for a small number of researchers and staff members for the island’s one and only accommodation option: Asilia Africa’s Rubondo Island Camp. From this base, guests can explore the unique landscapes, vegetation and wildlife that makes this location a world like no other.

Luxury waterfront cottages

The camp consists of 8 luxury waterfront cottages, including a family cottage and a honeymoon suite. The houses are shaded by the indigenous evergreen and semi-evergreen forest and built with local materials and techniques, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. However, they still offer the highest comfort, equipped with exquisite décor and en-suite bathrooms. Meals are served under the open sky in the main camp area, allowing you to fully enjoy the breath-taking views while tucking into superb homecooked food. You can even learn about local cuisine in a lesson under the guidance of the head chef.

Water safaris and more

Although leaving the luxury of the camp may prove difficult, there is just so much to explore in the park. Perhaps the most incredible experience on offer is participation the chimpanzee habituation programme which began in the 1960s. Other options include water safaris, drives through the forest to spot game such as elephant, giraffe, and the rare sitatunga, guided walks, which can range from one hour to several days, catch-and-release fishing expeditions where you can wrestle with the infamous Nile perch, and boat trips to nearby islands.

With so many ways to engage with this spectacular destination, you are sure to enjoy a once in a lifetime trip.