Pelican Point Lodge

Perched at the end of a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Walvis Bay

Pelican Point Lodge - luxury boutique hotel walvis bay
Captains Cove - luxury honeymoon room at Pelican Point Lodge

Walvis Bay

When you take a closer look at the map of Walvis Bay, a stunning city by the Namibian Skeleton Coast, you clearly see a long and sandy strip splitting the sea like a ship gliding through water. The lighthouse on that sand strip is the Pelican Point Lighthouse. And right next to it is the Pelican Point Lodgen, a unique luxury lodge right in between the wild Atlantic Ocean and the calm Walvis Bay lagoon. One thing is sure, it does know how to stand out.


Getting to the lighthouse is an adventure on its own. You have two options. Either you drive your 4×4 over a 10-kilometres long stretch of mysterious salt pans and treacherous sandbanks, making the journey to the lighthouse as memorable as the stay itself. Or you take a boat to the lodge, crossing the RAMSAR-listed lagoon that is famous for a wide variety of seabirds, flamingos and seals laying in the sun.

The Pelican Point Lighthouse stands as a sturdy mast on the Peninsula. On one side, the icy sea current brings cold water and powerful winds. The dry desert air turns all of this into the eerie mist that engulfs the bay every day. On the other side, the calm lagoon thrives with all sorts of life. The sea current makes sure that the bay is full of nutrients and feeds the abundant wild and sea life.

With the Pelican Point Lighthouse acting as a giant mast, the Pelican Point Lodge is the sturdy hull. Together they stand strong against the strong winds of the Ocean. The owner, Dirk Maes, knows the ropes and mans the sails as you are welcomed on board. With all 9 suites having their own private deck, you can fully experience the unique atmosphere of the Peninsula. Especially in the penthouse-style Captain’s Cove that is built in the tower of the lodge and has a 360-degree panoramic view.

The glass sliding doors of the suites act as a gate between two worlds. On the inside, you have comfortable suites bathing in warm desert colours and dressed in silky textures. You can easily watch the ebb and flow of the Ocean and the Bay from the comfort of your own room. On the outside however, you can walk on the sands as you gaze over the endless horizon and watch the natural beauty.

After travelling through the dusty and warm Namib, the Pelican Point Lodge is a unique and welcome place to retreat to. Its refreshing vibe and the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the Peninsula will alleviate all of your tiredness and worries. All you have to do, is relax, walk around the open strips of sand, look into the distance, breathe and let the energy of the Lodge fill you.

Pelican Point Lodge - Namibia - Walvis bay - Luxury hotel
Pelican Point Lodge - Namibia - Walvis bay - Luxury hotel
Pelican Point Lodge - Namibia - Walvis bay - Luxury hotel - Timo Michele De Nijs

Pelican Point Lodge - Namibia - Walvis bay - Luxury hotel
Pelican Point Lodge - Namibia - Walvis bay - Luxury hotel - Atelier Africa


Nine luxury suites; en-suite bathrooms; private deck; bio-fire; cosy lounge area; restaurant; laundry service; internet; public lounge; complimentary refreshments


Explore the peninsula on foot. The kitchen will prepare packed lunches, picnics and sundowner refreshments. If you want more adventure, the following activities can be arranged for you: kayaking; marine cruises; sand boarding; quad biking; fishing; bird watching; sky diving; hot air ballooning; scenic aerial flights; dune paragliding and cultural tours.