Onguma The Fort

The Fort is unlike any other, the only one of its kind in Namibia.

Onguma The Fort - Inside
Onguma The Fort

Onguma The Fort

When visiting Namibia, the Etosha National Park is a must-see.  Many clients request to stay inside the park itself but we strongly advise to make use of the stunning accommodation options you can find just outside of Etosha. The large resorts inside the park are catering for the masses and we don’t believe that is what you are looking for on a real African Safari.

The Fort on the Onguma Reserve, however, is exactly what you would want as part of your Namibian Safari.  Located on the east side of Etosha, the 20.000 ha large Onguma Private Reserve borders directly with the National Park. Inside the reserve, you’ll find various lodges and camps catering for different types of travellers. All accommodation you find at Onguma has great standards and reviews but The Fort at Onguma is one place that will make your stay memorable.

Onguma The Fort has only 12 suites, each of them have been constructed almost 50 meters away from each other. The one furthest away from everything and in the most secluded private setting is the Honeymoon Suites. In the tower of The Fort, you find two more suites, called the Sultan Suite and The Fort Suite, both offering a magnificent view over the Etosha National Park and the Onguma Reserve.

The architecture of Onguma The Fort resembles that of a northern-African Sahara Fort but it does not feel out of place once as it is surrounded by the dry clay pans of the Etosha Park with a natural oasis of Palm Trees in the area.

All rooms are equipped with the necessary luxuries to make your stay comfortable, there spacious bathroom, air conditioning, mini-bar-fridges and all rooms have their own private viewing-deck with lounges so you can relax and enjoy the spectacular sunsets in all privacy.

The suites inside the tower also offer a larger lounge area with satellite tv and a bath in their stunningly designed bathrooms.

Wild life

As the sun sets over the Etosha National Park the magnitude of wildlife that uses the waterhole right in front of the lodges is magnificent. The rays of sunlight shining through the settling dust result in a fantastic photographic opportunity from the comfort of your pool-lounger.

More than 30 different species live on the Onguma Reserve, including a family of black rhino and occasionally you will see predators and elephants inside the reserve that have crossed the Etosha park border.

Onguma The Fort offers a stunning sunset view right from the comfort of the pool, the deck, your room, the restaurant and the lounge.. in other words, almost from every corner of the Fort, the views are amazing!

At night a delicious dinner is served by the exceptionally good kitchen team at Onguma The Fort and after dinner, you have the option to join a Night-Drive inside the Onguma Reserve.  Together with a very skilled ranger you will go out for a couple of hours and look for the nocturnal wildlife inside the reserve. Chances are good that you will spot leopards or rhinos at this time of the night.

Onguma The Fort Sunset Etosha Zebra