Ngaga Camp | Ondzala Park

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Ngaga Camp | Ondzala Park

Most of the adventures at Ondzala Park begin with a couple of nights in the Ngaga Camp.

Ngaga Camp is located on the western boundary of the park in the Ndzehi Forest. Guests are accommodated in six luxury rooms, all resting in the forest canopy on raised decks. Wooden walkways and magnificent main lounge and dining areas allow you to gaze into the majesty of the forest canopy.

On the ground, you can seek adventure on forest trails, night walks and dips in the stream. The crown jewel of Ngaga camp, however, is the gorilla tracking expedition, in which a skilled local guide will lead you through the forest, following hidden signs and clues to bring you face to face with the Congo’s magnificent gorillas; truly an encounter you will never forget.

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