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Lake Kariba Musango Safari Camp Zimbabwe

Masango Safari Camp

With only 9 rooms under canvas, the Musango Safari Camp is a real exclusive destination, located on the banks of the Lake Kariba, nearby the Matusadona National Park. The camp is created by the previous warden of the National Park, Steve Edwards, who is probably one of the best guides you’ll find in Zimbabwe and Africa. His wife Wendy still today is the manager of the camp and will make you feel right at home, all the time. Steve breathes the wisdom of the bush and knows the region like no other. There is not a single area of the park he and its surroundings he does not know. This you will become very clear when you join him on one of the many activities and experiences on offer at the Musango Safari Camp. 

Matusadona National Park

In 1959, with the creation of the Kariba Dam, a large part of the Zambezi valley was flooded. The result of this is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, theLake Kariba.  Due to the flooding, the wildlife from the region got concentrated on the newly created islands and on the southern rim of the lake which now forms Matusandona National Park.

The shores of the lake are an excellent location for safari expeditions by car or by boat. If you go with your guide by foot or kano it is also possible to get into the little bays and swamps surrounding the lake, they are outstanding for birding and sneaking up-close to some of the wildlife.

There is a wide variety of wildlife and game inside the Matusandona National Park, ranging from large hordes of Elephant to crocodiles. Even the big five can be found in this area as a fairly large population of buffalo frequents the area to drink by the lake and the abundance of animals has also attracted many of the cats into the park.

Even the almost extinct black rhino, which is very rare to find in Africa can be found here together with your professional guide and tracker from the Masango Safari Camp.

Another great reason to visit this part of Zimbabwe must be the birds. With close to 500 different species around the lake, this is one of the best areas in Africa for birding. There is an exception diversity around here and even the majestic African Fish Eagle can be spotted frequently.

Musango Safari Camp - Zimbabwe