Mikeno Lodge

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Mikeno Lodge Virunga Park Congo
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Mikeno Lodge

 The first stop and also the base camp for your Congo Safari inside the Virunga Park will be Mikeno Lodge. This fairly new lodge is hidden inside a green jungle forest and offers fantastic views over the Virunga rift valley. Constantly surrounded by plenty of wildlife, the guests often spot plenty of different species of birds, blue monkeys, columbus monkeys, and with a bit of a luck also a curious bushbuck or two.

The lodges are located in close proximity to the Virunga HQ and the Gorilla Orphanage, so chances are good that you will also spot some of the stars from the Virunga Documentary here like Emmanuel de Merode, the director of the park or Andrê Bauma, the caretaker of the orphan gorillas.

At night everyone gathers for a typical African evening around the fireplace to share your experiences and stories of the day.  The rooms at Mikeno Lodge are private bungalows and each comes with its own lounge and fireplace as well as a natural-stone shower in the en-suite bathroom. Of course, you can also choose for the fantastic soaking tub, which feels amazing after a day in the bush!

Mikeno Lodge - Congo Safari - Bar