Lango Camp

Nestled in dense gallery forest with each room overlooking the productive Lango Bai.

overlook the Lango Bai

Following the thrill of Ngaga camp is the luxury of Lango Camp, comprised of another 6 raised rooms which overlook the Lango Bai. The bai is a lush marsh area, rich in minerals and salts which attract a hive of animal activity. Lounge in the sun on the camps decks, watching herds of forest buffalo and flocks of African grey parrots and green pigeons. At night, cosy up next to the fire and search for forest elephants, spotted hyena, leopards and the endangered sitatunga. For some adventure, head off on a walk through the bai, a boat expedition on the nearby Lekoli and Mambili rivers, or take a game drive to widen your view of the Congo’s spectacular wildlife.