Kilima Camp

The best camp in Kenya to explore the best wildlife park in the world!

Kilima camp

Kilima Camp looks out over the Maasai Mara on the top of a mountain and is the perfect place to experience Hemmingway’s Africa. The best way to reach the Camp is by plane from the Wilson Airport to Kitchwa Kembo in the middle of the Maasai Mara. Maasai rangers will pick you up in an open Landrover and you will probably already see your first elephants on the road to the camp.

The Maasai is a nomadic tribe that has found a way to live together with the wild animals. They live in villages surrounded by a fence made out of thorn branches that protects their valuable cattle and themselves. Kilima Camp has always supported the local Maasai community by using an eco-friendly management to make sure that the lifestyle of the Maasai doesn’t become endangered by the impact of the camp on the environment. The Camp also supports the local Maasai schools and the ecosystem by using only solar and wind energy and by being self-sufficient in water.


During your stay at Kilima Camp, you will sleep in luxury tents that surround the central Mess Tent. You can choose between two different types of tents, the Classic and the Deluxe tents, that are made in the true Hemmingway style. Due to the view over the Maasai Mara and the luxurious decoration, the tents are the perfect place to relax after a tiring safari day. The Deluxe tents have their own wooden deck and an en-suite bathroom with running water. You can order warm water anytime you want. They will heat it over the fire for you and hang it on your tent so you can use it whenever you want.

The view from Kilima Camp on your Kenya Special
Kilima Camp Luxury Tent
Maasai Mara Tented Kilima Camp


If the stay is an adventure, then there should also be some adventurous activities. You can join a Game Drive from Kilima Camp with a Maasai guide, explore the Maasai Mara on foot on a Bush Walk, fly over the Maasai Mara in a hot-air balloon or experience the plains on horseback. If you stay at the camp during July and August, you will even see the Great Migration of wildebeests and zebras.

Thankfully there are also more relaxing activities for the guests who want to unwind. Kilima Camp has her own spa with aroma baths and a view over the Maasai Mara. Do you want to find out more about the Maasai? Visit the local Maasai school where you can see the children learn and you can watch the culture close by.