Khayelitshe House


Luxury in the Rocks

Journey to the awe-inspiring Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe – a UNESCO World Heritage Site where distinctive granite landforms, densely packed, hold immense spiritual significance because of the high concentrations of rock art (the highest in Southern Africa, in fact), with artefacts dating back at least 13 000 years.

Bordering the Matobo National Park, Khayelitshe House draws its name from the local Ndebele language – ‘Ekhaya’ and ‘Litshe’, meaning Home in the Rocks

Nestled among these gigantic boulders, the villa effortlessly blends with nature’s embrace, creating the perfect base to explore a plethora of wildlife, the rich Zimbabwean culture, and the unmatched accommodation that the retreat has to offer.

An Exclusive Hideaway

Located just a short drive from the city of Bulawayo, Khayelitshe House boasts four bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 8 guests – a private stay experience for travellers to discover the Matobo National Park by themselves or with a guide. 

The modern yet eclectic touch of the private villa invites you to experience exclusive comfort like never before with indoor and outdoor lounging areas, fireside couches, sunny decks, and a small pool ready for you to unwind in. 

If you are a fan of sustainable travel, Khayelitshe house won’t disappoint! Solar power bathes the villa in a warm glow and powers every modern convenience. 

When you reserve a full-day guided game drive in Matobo National Park, you’ll be treated to lunch and drinks as part of the experience. 

But that’s not all! 

The house is also self-catering, featuring a fully-equipped kitchen perfect for post-adventure meals.


A Wildlife Adventure

Outside Khayelitshe’s walls is the home of a variety of spectacular species. Encounter graceful antelope, playful warthogs, and mischievous monkeys in their natural habitat.

Wildlife enthusiasts will be led by an experienced private guide to encounter the Park’s thriving rhino population, specifically the last populations of wild white rhino in the world. You’ll be able to get close to these magnificent animals, making for some great photographic opportunities.

For bird enthusiasts, enjoy the charming call of the Black-collared barbet, snap a photo of the Augur buzzard, and observe the Black-shouldered kite exploring the area.

Family Fun

Besides the diverse wildlife surrounding Khayelitshe, many fun-filled activities await for all ages. You can spend your days either basking in the pool or enjoying playful games with the little ones. The 240 hectares of private land also offer an ideal setting for hiking and mountain biking.

If you are inclined towards local exploration, we highly recommend a trip to witness the captivating rock art nestled within the Matobo Hills, vividly portraying the area’s rich history. 

Another great option is a journey to the Khami Ruins, where you can uncover ancient cave paintings and partake in a scenic hike leading to Rhodes’ Grave.