Clouds mountain Gorilla Lodge

Elegant and stylish ecolodge at the head of the gorilla trail

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (known to most as UNESCO) identifies 1092 protected heritage sites around the globe. One of three such sites is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, where you will find the Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

Set atop a ridge overlooking the Impenetrable Forest at 2000 m above sea level, the 10 cottages constructed from volcanic stone are party to views that call to the primal soul. Above the clouds, with dense forest, mountains and the glowing Virunga volcanoes omnipresent, you’ll feel far away not only by distance, but by time itself.

the Nkuringo trail

Setting off from the lodge itself is the Nkuringo trail, where you’ll be led down into the rain forest below. Although ever present, gorilla troops are highly mobile – making spotting one all the more rewarding. If you are successful, the prize is a captivating moment in time, where photo opportunities abound. As majestic and mysterious as the gorillas may be, the forest is a wondrous gallery of nature’s finest works. Besides 10 species of primate, the exhibitions hosts hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, ferns and small predators in a colour-saturated exposé.

Private Camp, your own home away from home.

Navigating the forest does require physical work. Gorillas don’t abide by pathways – often leaving the guide no choice but to venture through dense vegetation and uneven terrain. High levels of humidity and the high altitude mean that while you may explore like Livingstone, you may also need to be pampered like an aristocrat. The Okuruhuuka Spa caters to just such a clientele – offering African massage using all-natural products infused with pure essential oils.

In keeping with the theme, you can enjoy homemade cake on your verandah in the afternoon, or rendezvous at the main lodge to enjoy a locally sourced meal while being serenaded by the crackling of a fire. Jungle life at its finest.