Chobe Bakwena Lodge

Perfection at the Chobe River in Kasane

Botswana Chobe Bakwena Elephant - Copyright TimoDeNijs

Kasane, Botswana

Kasane is the tourism hub of Botswana, from here you’re able to fly out to the Okavango Delta, go on a cruise on the Zambezi River, visit the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and encounter hundreds of elephants on the Chobe. There is really so much to offer in and around this little village that you could easily stay here for a short week. If you decide to do so, we believe the Chobe Bakwena Lodge is probably your best choice out there when it comes to finding a comfortable, luxurious yet affordable accommodation.

Chobe Bakwena Lodge

With only a handful of carefully designed rooms and located right on the shores of the Chobe River,  just outside of Kasane, Bakwena Lodge is exactly one of the lodges we like to have in our portfolio.

Every room in this lodge is very spacious and comes with an inside and outside shower, the suites even offer a bathtub. But it’s not just the rooms that make this our favourite place in Kasane.

What really makes Chobe Bakwena amazing, is its team and their constant striving to surprise you and please you. Ranging from lovely handwritten welcome and goodnight notes on the bed to our ranger/guide Bob who manoeuvred the boat perfectly so we could make the most unforgettable photos.

Even more, the meals at Chobe Bakwena are prepared with lots of love and care, there wasn’t a mouthful we didn’t enjoy. The cherry on the cake for us at Chobe Bakwena, and making it a real unforgettable stay, was the performance brought by the staff at sundown on the boma deck. They take your mind away for a few minutes and we effortlessly sang and danced with them before dinner was served, a really memorable moment.

Lounge at Chobe Bakwena
Botswana! Boat Cruise in Chobe Park on a Botswana Luxury Safari
Chobe Bakwena Lodge - Kasane - Botswana - Keys - Boma Deck

Chobe Bakwena - Traditional Dance - Boma

Visit the Rehabilitation Centre in Kasane

When you are in Kasane and you have some time to spare, go check out the Rehabilitation Centre.  A small but wonderful project taking care of mongoose, tortoise, various snakes, warthog and the most adorable bush babies.