Bukima Tented Camp

Originally built as a base camp for the researchers of Virunga

Congo Safari - Bukima Camp
Congo Safari - Bukima Camp


While the Mikeno Lodge is your base camp and starting point for the whole Virunga experience during your Congo Safari, the Bukima Tented Camp is the base for the Virunga mountain gorilla treks. All the tents at this camp have an en-suite bathroom with running water and all other necessary luxuries you can expect in a African tented camp today.

But the fact that Bukima Camp is cosy and the atmosphere throws you back into Hemingway’s first African Safari days is not the main reason why this camp is so loved by our guests. From your tent, or practically from anywhere at the Bukima Camp you have the most breathtaking views over the Virunga Park and beyond.

From the Bukima camp you can clearly see the Mount Mikeno, which stands 4440 m tall above the Gorilla Sector, and on the other side of the valley, the Nyiragongo volcano colours the sky all shades of red and orange at night with its lave lakes. This is why you choose to go on a Congo Safari!