Ant‘s Hill & Ant’s Nest

Horse riding in the Waterberg Bushveld of South Africa

Horseback safari Horse Riding South Africa
Horseback safari Horse Riding South Africa

Horse riding in the Waterberg Bushveld of South Africa

This private wildlife reserve in the Limpopo provinces’ Waterberg region, is a sublime location for any horse lover, rider or even an absolute beginner who’d like to try out a horseback riding safari in Africa.

This terrain is home to more than 40 different species, which you can approach by a horse on a very natural and quiet way to observe in all serenity.

This is what makes a horseback safari such a unique experience.

You can slowly move past a large herd of grazing zebra or even a family of rhino.  Even if you don’t like to ride a horse, its still perfectly possible to enjoy the reserve on a 4×4 safari or you can use the mountain bikes, together with one of the expert guides joining you. Even by foot, the guides here will be able to give you a memorable experience thanks to their very thorough knowledge of the area and the reserve.

The accommodation on the reserve exists in two locations, the Ant’s Hill and the Ant’s Nest. Both lodges are built and designed with great style and taste, fit for the African Bushveld. The lodges, as well as all activities, are organised and managed by a very driven and professional team, this you notice in the small details, from the outstanding food to the passion of the guides.

Ant’s Hill

Here, all rooms are located on the ridge of the hill overlooking the reserve and the Waterberg. The complete lodge exists from a few outstanding, but totally different rooms. There are two very private and luxury suites, the Lookout and the Hideaway, which are perfect for honeymooners.  Their large four-post beds and enormous granite bathtubs have an unforgettable view over the reserve. Next, to this two suites, there is a still a Family cottage and the World’s View which can host a group of five.

Ants Hill Lodge Camp - Waterberg South Africa

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Ant’s Nest

The rooms are located where the first house on the terrain was built, in a similar style as the east-African colonial homes from Kenya, with timber and stones. The six luxurious suites all have a very large verandah with a view over the waterhole which attracts plenty of wildlife throughout the day.