Magic in Madagascar

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Anjajavay lodge

Ever since removing itself from its matriarchal supercontinent – Gondwanaland – and later splitting from India, Madagascar has been on an evolutionary path of its own. 165 million years later, the ‘eighth continent’ has transcended all but the most vivid of imaginations, distinguishing itself many times over from its former parent (or anywhere else on Earth, for that matter). Anjajavay Lodge sits on the cusp of this unique landscape, flirting with both lush forest and turquoise ocean.

Waking up in your own luxury rosewood villa has its merits, but rest on them Anjajavay does not. A host of unique experiences entice you to explore your surroundings in depth. Find your bearings with something as simple as a walk along the wild and deserted creeks of the peninsula, or actively engage with your surroundings through a plethora of watersports and land-based activities.


Take off from the beach via a catamaran and leave the lodge behind to visit the local market in the fishing village, or take a low tide stroll amidst the mangroves satiated with species so diverse you may well discover your own new or undocumented zoological island being. Bug-eyed lemurs, tomato frogs, elephant birds and the elusive aye-aye may present themselves to you as the forest bears her secrets. As your interaction with nature is on foot, immersion is more complete than exploring by vehicle (although 4×4 is also an option for a non-pedestrian perspective of the island).

That said, navigating the island by vehicle can be an adventure on its own. Minimal infrastructure and corrugated roads seem far longer than they are. Your toils will however not go without reward, as the road less travelled offers up friendly Malagasy locals, eclectic culture drawn from various influences over the centuries, and varying landscapes.

Dense rainforest in the east and dry grasslands to the west are divided by the Haux Plateaux, a mountainous ridge that threads its way through the centre of the island, leaving you with a wealth of material for the upcoming dinner conversation.

By night

Slip into the evening with a dip in the 200m saltwater infinity pool and complement it by ordering a sundowner from the bar before choosing something off the daily a la carte menu, which boasts everything from Madagascan prawns and locally sourced fish to freshly-picked fruit and vegetables, all effortlessly combined in a veritable culinary smorgasbord of delights.

Dine on the rosewood terrace, or leave the manmade architecture behind to enjoy dinner on the beach. In the evening the inky mystique of the ocean may be punctuated only by a meandering Madagascan fishing boat gathering the offerings of tomorrow.

Anjajavy Lodge is truly as fluid and diverse as its wondrous surroundings.