Amalinda Lodge

A Wilderness of Granite

Nestled within Matobo National Park, Amalinda Lodge offers access to the profound natural beauty, vibrant wildlife and immense cultural heritage of Zimbabwe’s iconic Matobo Hills. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matobo National Park boasts breathtaking landscapes of balancing ancient granite rock formations as well as a range of domes and spires that have been moulded over millions of years.

Within the nooks and crannies of these rock formations lie splashes of San rock art, most namely along the walls of Nswatugi Cave, which provide an intimate look at the region’s rich history and culture. 

The majestic terrain holds a plethora of awe-inspiring geological treasures, whilst also being home to diverse vegetation and wildlife, including both black and white rhino, as well as an incredible variety of bird life.


Rest within a Boulder’s Embrace

Amalinda Lodge offers truly unique accommodation within the embrace of the awe-inspiring Matobo Hills. 

The area’s iconic beauty is integrated into each of the nine spacious rooms, which are built among granite boulders and rock formations. Guests often share that they feel a great sense of rejuvenation as they spend the night surrounded by timeless and historic bushman shelters.

Those travelling as a family also have the option to stay in The Home Stead – the private home of the Stead family (founders of the lodge). Enjoy complete comfort within this haven, with its three spacious bedrooms, pristine furnishings and comforts, as well as access to a private chef, guide and vehicle! 

Once-in-a-Lifetime Wildlife Encounters

Be humbled by the site of one of Africa’s most rare and iconic species, the rhino, when you take a guided walk or drive around the wildlife-dense National Park. 

Home to both black and white rhino, as well as leopard, warthog, zebra, klipspringer, kudu, impala, wildebeest, reedbuck, duiker, steenbok, hyrax and a variety of birdlife, the park is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream destination. 

When tracking rhino on foot, guests will be joined by the seasoned guides, as well as the armed National Park Scouts, to ensure the utmost safety and enjoyment. 

‘My Beautiful Home’_Bicycle_Ride

Explore Traditional Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Matabele homestead and learning about the tribe that Amalinda Lodge supports through their social responsibility programme – The Mother Africa Trust. Visit their traditional huts, meet their traditional healers, experience their rich culture, and stop by the local primary school to meet the future leaders that roam its halls. 

You can even join the ‘My Beautiful Home’ bicycle ride to pedal through the area and witness the admirable artistry of the local structures – often made by hand with the use of indigenous wood and mud, and adorned with vibrant paintings. 

Sacred Spaces

Amalinda is perfect for history buffs as well as wildlife enthusiasts, as the area is home not only to wondrous wildlife, but also fascinating historical sites.  

Feel as if you have travelled back in time as you view the over 2 000 historic sites of ancient San bushman cave paintings and learn about the Ndebele people’s sacred rituals

Feel as if you are on top of the world and can see all that the sun touches when you visit the famous tomb of Cecil John Rhodes, atop the granite hills which are often referred to as the ‘View of the World’

Buried near Rhodes, Leander Starr Jameson, as well as numerous soldiers who fell in a historic battle against the Matabele warriors, are also buried in the area. As a result of this history, this space is recognised as a profoundly spiritual and sacred place, and is referred to as ‘Amalindidzimu‘ or ‘the dwelling place of spirits’.

Amalinda's_Infinity_Pool_©_Chalo Africa

Transcend into Blissfulness

After a day packed with the exploration of this mystic and vibrant land, guests can look forward to relaxing in Amalinda’s famous natural granite infinity rock pool, cocktail in hand, or unwinding with a luxurious spa treatment

Allow the expert spa therapists to transport and transform your body and mind with a host of blissful treatments enjoyed amidst the serene surroundings…