Helicopter Safari

Reach the Unreachable by Air

Discover the untouched corners of Africa with exclusivity and ease as you soar through the air in your own private helicopter!

Explore some of our favourite helicopter adventures…

Botswana by Helicopter

Soak in the Best Possible Delta Views 

Take in the magically diverse beauty of the Okavango Delta from your exclusive vantage point as you marvel at the unrestricted views offered by gliding over the complex bushland, dense woodlands, seasonal floodplains, undiscovered waterways and isolated palm islands.

Touch down on otherwise undisturbed plains and discover the wildlife that have been keeping all the beauty to themselves… 


Kenya by Helicopter

Uncover the Secret Side

Find hidden lands and abundant wildlife when you embark on a soaring safari over Kenya!

Uncover footprint-free nooks of the Great Rift Valley, scale its great heights, dip just above the trees and settle amongst the wild. 

Expand your exploration by taking an exclusive ride to the furthest reaches of the world-famous, wildlife-dense Maasai Mara and the endless green Chyulu Hills…

Ethiopia by Helicopter

Fly Back in Time Over the Land of Origins

Fly through a world of mediaeval treasures, hardly changed for thousands of years, as you cruise low enough to really take in a detailed picture of the surroundings, then soar up to the highest point of the Simien Mountains – upon which few have ever laid eyes! 


Namibia by Helicopter

Discover the Remote Regions

Take a unique aerial safari through Namibia by helicopter and find magic in the middle of its vast desert; at the top of its majestic mountains; and along its unpredictable coast! 

The Skeleton Coast, which has grounded many whales and ships thanks to its notorious currents, thick fogs and hostile winds, is a truly inhospitable corner of the country. But it can be a true treasure to those lucky enough to make the journey and discover its unique and hard-to-reach magic…

South Africa by Helicopter

Soar Across the Rainbow Nation

Take an unforgettable helicopter tour along South Africa’s Cape Peninsula (often referred to as the Cape of Storms); view brilliantly bright cityscapes; and swoop over the most humbling, out-of-reach cliffs that have been shaped by the clashing of waves, the falling of rocks and the whip of the wind.

There is no better place to appreciate South Africa’s extraordinary natural beauty than on a remote bank, as the sun dips along the horizon after an unforgettable day in the air…


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