Why go on a fly-in safari

Tailor Made Safaris are what Atelier Africa is known for. This is what we started with and what we are still the best at today. Over the years we have carefully selected the best destinations in Africa. At those destinations we then handpicked only the top of the range lodges and camps. Today we know who is who at all these places and we can guarantee you that we work with the best people in the field.

Botswana - Fly over the Okavango Delta

How does as Tailor Made Safari work?

You might have heard of a nice lodge in Africa. Or a friend of you has told you about a great African experience. On the internet you can probably find that specific nice lodge or that great activity. Now how will you get to that lodge? And what else can you do except for that one activity?  That is where we come in. We help you design a safari, that is why we are an Atelier, a place where things are designed and produced.

Getting Started.

Give us the name of that lodge you heard about and tell us what you dream about doing in Africa. We will then get back to you with a completely organised safari. From the beginning of your journey right until your flight back home, we will take care of everything. In between we will make sure the only thing you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Even if you have no idea yet were you’d like to go, just contact us here and we’ll give you some great ideas!

Fly-in Safari Namibia
Luxury Safari Tailor made

Is it more expensive than booking myself? 

On the contrary, we guarantee that our prices are exactly the same as what you would pay if you booked the accommodation directly.  As an operator we get commission from camps, hotels and lodges to book them for you.  So why would you struggle if you can have it done for you at the same prices. Trying to put your own safari itinerary together can take a lot of time and effort if you are not familiar with the country, the roads, the means of  transportation, etc..
Leave it to the professionals to make sure you have a stress-free holiday of a lifetime!