Custom Fly-in Safaris

Atelier Africa = Sublime tailor-made safaris.

A “safari” is the Swahili word for a journey. Safari is not just spotting wildlife in the bush, it can be, and should be much more. From day one we at Atelier Africa have chosen to only work out trips based on our own experiences.

We know every destination we offer through and through. We have often visited each location several times ourselves. As a result, we have collected a list of local contacts and top addresses in our “book” to share with our guests.

An Africa Journey must be something special, so we would like to listen to what you expect before we start our proposal.

Some already have a lot of Africa experience, for others, it is their first time. Or maybe there is something to celebrate? We would love to hear it and make it something unforgettable!

Botswana - Fly over the Okavango Delta

How does as Tailor-Made Safari work?

Yes, it is absolutely! Each trip is custom designed. We do not sell any ready-made packages. We have been working for more than 10 years now and have never sold the exact same route with the same lodges and camps or activities.

Of course, we have plenty of examples ready for inspiration. So we always have a basis to start from. But whether you want to do a combination of Namibia with Congo and Kenya or want to drive from Cape Town to Mombasa in 60 days; or you want to experience an unforgettable time with your family to celebrate something special …

Whatever your dream of doing, if it is in Africa, we can make it happen!

How do we start?

We can start in different ways. Do you have a safari dream in mind? A particular destination? Or just the name of that lodge or camp you heard or read about?

Tell us your expectations for a safari trip, we will be happy to help you fill in the rest. Even if you have already seen a lot of Africa. We are sure we can show you new corners!

But of course, even if you have no idea where you want to go, just get in touch and we’ll gladly give you some great ideas as inspiration!

Fly-in Safari Namibia
Luxury Safari Tailor made

Is using an agent more expensive? 

On the contrary, we guarantee that our prices are exactly the same as what you would pay if you booked the accommodation directly.

As an operator, we get a commission from camps, hotels, and lodges to book them for you.  So why would you struggle if you can have it done for you at the same prices?

Trying to put your own safari itinerary together can take a lot of time and effort if you are not familiar with the country, the roads, the means of transportation, etc..

Leave it to the professionals to make sure you have a stress-free holiday of a lifetime!

A little sample:

Here’s an example of a fantastic fly-in Safari around Namibia in just 11 days. A country with enormous diversity, such as Namibia, requires at least 2 weeks to visit by car and quite a lot of kilometers in the car. With a plane, you can easily hop between the different destinations.

A fly-in Safari can actually be done in any destination we offer, not just Namibia. For more information about Namibia and all our other destinations, you can have a look here.

Fly In Safari Namibia by Atelier Africa