Reach the Unreachable


As fellow intrepid explorers, we are always on the look-out for unique, exclusive and epic new ways to explore Africa.

Enter the private helicopter safari!

We’ve scouted some of the most exclusive, off-the-beaten-track spots, so you can reach the unreachable and unlock the secrets of Africa from the skies…

Say goodbye to the ordinary, and hello to a sky-high adventure over secluded savannahs and untouched oases.

Helicopter Safari
Helicopter Safari
Helicopter Safari

Want to soak in the best possible views of the Okavango Delta and get a unique and exclusive glimpse of abundant wildlife? Try Botswana by Helicopter.

How about seeing the Great Rift Valley and its animals like never before? A Kenya Helicopter Adventure is for you!

History buffs can fly back in time through a world of mediaeval treasures when exploring Ethiopia by Helicopter.

A Namibia Helicopter Safari will reveal the Skeleton Coast like never before…

And soaring across the Rainbow Nation in a South Africa Helicopter Expedition will include everything from brilliant cityscapes to humbling mountains and – if you’re lucky – some marine wildlife, too!

And these are just a few of our own favourite examples…

Helicopter Safari


Share your wildest helicopter dreams with us, and let us weave them into reality!

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer of Africa or a first-time seeker, we’re here to unveil new corners full of magic.

If you’re in the mood for spontaneity and haven’t a clue where to start, drop us a line.

You can also get some ideas and inspiration by reading more about our favourites.

Helicopter Safari
Helicopter Safari
Helicopter Safari