How we Safari

“Safari” means “Journey” in Swahili, the local language in East-Africa. The word became popular in the 1930s when Ernest Hemingway travelled to Africa for a three-month safari and came back with two best-sellers: The Green Hills of Africa and the Snows of the Kilimanjaro.  Atelier Africa Safaris is specialised in creating those classic & luxury Hemingway safaris with the comforts of the 21st century. We can bring you close to nature, wildlife, adventure and guarantee that you are hosted in places that are unparalleled in their comfort. 

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Our Itineraries.

Africa has so much to offer and we want to make sure you get the chance to explore it to the fullest. Once you have made the choice about your destination, we will help you combine the best wildlife areas for that season with the most amazing activities that you wish to do. We will put everything on offer to you, so you only have to say the word and we’ll book and organise the whole safari, planned to the dot.

Is tailor-made more costly than booking myself? 

Never, on the contrary, we guarantee that our prices are exactly the same as what you would pay if you booked the accommodation directly.  As an operator, we get a commission from camps, hotels and lodges to book them for you.  So why would you struggle if you can have it done for you at the same prices? Trying to put your own safari itinerary together can be risky if you are not familiar with the country. We make sure you have a stress-free holiday of a lifetime!

Michele & Timo De Nijs

The founders of Atelier Africa Safaris Michèle and Timothy Denys have lived and worked in Namibia for 12 years. From there they travelled throughout the African continent.

The idea to start Atelier Africa Safaris was originally a way to share their travel and safari experiences with others. Over the years it has grown into a fully professional company with a team of African specialists, based on each of the destinations that we have in our portfolio.

In other words, if you let us be your advisers for your safari trip, we can be sure that everything is planned and organized perfectly. For every itinerary made by Atelier Africa, Michele or Timo are your contacts to make the perfect safari for you.


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Philantrophy | Giving Back

A commitment to conservation and responsible tourism has been an integral part of all of our operations and tours since the beginning of Atelier Africa Safaris.

We continue to build long-lasting relationships with the rural communities through identifying and supporting long-term, viable and self-sustaining projects in the areas in which we and the lodges and camps we use operate.

Our aim is to ensure that all projects are supported by both ourselves, our clients and our suppliers.  Many of the lodges and camps work closely with the communities to identify their needs in order to improve their general well-being through empowerment, improved infrastructure, skill development and the overall enhancement of health, education and lifestyle for the future.

Whenever or wherever you book your safari, you can be sure you are supporting the local communities and organisations through well-monitored projects, partially funded by tourism.  Feel free to contact us for more information about the various projects or find out how you can do more.